It’s HERE! Making Things Happen 2013 is finally here!

Today I will be….

• Sharing my heart with a room of 100+ dreamers
• Focusing on What Matters
• Visualizing my ideal day; my ideal life for that matter
• Saying Yes to postive voices in my life
• Saying No to negative influences
• Thinking BIG picture
• Turning in my iPhone for 2 days so I can’t do anything but FOCUS
• Gaining perspective
• Staying off Social Media, Emails, Blogs, Pinterest, etc.
• Having face to face time with some incredible ladies, business women, entreprenuers
• Re-centering my mind and heart and what matters most 

I love this following quote… it is exactly how I feel today. Making Things Happen is a beautiful, incredible opportunity. It’s time for me to give, to serve, and to love wholeheartedly. For those of you attending, I cannot wait to meet you! To hug you! To experience this time with you. Let’s not let this gift pass us by.

While we won’t be on Social Media during the conference, we will be updating before and after! Be sure to follow us here:

Instagram : @nancyray + @mth_2013 + #mth2013
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Oh Nancy, thank you so much for speaking at MTH! You were incredible and gave real, sound advice that we are all still talking about! Cannot wait to see you in May when you shoot my best friend’s wedding!!

We never got to meet formally, but I was the crazy girl taking paparazzi pictures for Laura Kelly when she was introducing herself to you!

Loved watching this grow! Your group instagram was so stinking cute. Have fun! : )

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!