“Several months ago, my family (and Robert and I) had the privilege of visiting “a little piece of heaven” – Bar TT Ranch, not far from Dillon, Montana. The term “a little piece of heaven” is something we picked up from the family that owns the 75+ square mile working cattle ranch, and is a huge understatement to my family.

I’m not really sure where to even start in describing what this trip meant for my family. I could write for days about the history and the details of the Ranch, and the memories my family made. I took about a thousand pictures but will only share a handful. Nothing I could write or show you in this post will do our time in Montana justice.

The quality time that my family spent together was irreplaceable. Each day we gathered at “Hilltop” to eat together, play games, hang out, and plan our adventures. We had our own agenda every day: four wheeling, hiking, horseback riding in the hills, skeet shooting… really just enjoying being outside and exploring completely unknown and breathtaking territory. We’d meet back at Hilltop for lunch, and again at dinner. Each meal served was unbelievable, y’all. We were, without question, completely spoiled by Mrs. Gay, the ranch cook whose sweet company we enjoyed just as much as her cooking!

We were also blessed to be in the company of Mr. and Mrs. Sloan while we were there – Mr. Sloan is my mom’s boss and the owner of the Bar Double T Ranch.  I can’t say enough about this man’s generosity, integrity and character. We so enjoyed spending time with he and his sweet wife… hearing their stories and sharing with them in the joy that comes from this magnificent place.


Without a doubt, one of the best trips my family has been on together. We loved every minute of our time together and will treasure it for years and years to come!


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Mr. Sloan Larry O’Connell and me were expressing our great fondness for the state of Montana. I am a graduate of Montana State University and was resident of Bozeman for over 7 years. I love the pictures of your spread and just wanted to say you picked well! Enjoy the fruits that beautiful place has to offer.

Hi Edythe! We went mid-August… It was gorgeous! In the 80’s during the day and down in the 30s and 40s at night. Have a wonderful time!

I just bought a week’s visit at the Double TT. What time of year did you go? We will go sometime in 2015

The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. So happy your family had such a special time at the Bar TT Ranch!

Cheryl’s family at the ranch last summer, her daughter is a professional photographer and the pictures are great. Ham

These are beautiful!! Hope you are doing well.

Such a great post, Libis! Pictures are great!

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