From the moment that I first met Michelle in our studio, I knew that we were going to be a great fit. She is bubbly, honest and full of life! There was something so special about the way that she spoke to Nancy and I about Ricky and their adorable daughter, Layla. I loved spending time not only with Michelle and Ricky, but with Layla as well. I am so excited to see how Layla plays a part in their wedding day!

I am so in love with the rich colors in this fall engagement session. We met on the SAS campus and followed the beautiful light wherever it took us. Ricky’s colorful plaid shirt paired perfectly with Michelle’s simple, but very bridal white dress. From experience, I can understand that taking pictures is not always a guy’s favorite activity, especially not a man’s man like Ricky. But because this was important to Michelle, Ricky made it important to him. I hope he would say that it wasn’t as bad as an experience as it might have seemed!

Michelle and Ricky, I can’t wait for your summer wedding at The Oaks at Salem! Congratulations!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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