Meredith and AC, the sweetest couple, met me early one morning at the Contemporary Art Museum in downtown Raleigh. I was so grateful to see the beautiful light bouncing all around the buildings as soon as we arrived! I admit, I had never been there before, but that is always my favorite thing to do: to photograph new couples in new spaces. Something about the different backgrounds, the unique architecture and vibrant colors – it was all a backdrop that was brand new to me. And to incorporate these new backdrops with this couple’s laid-back, fun personalities was the perfect match. I can tell AC and Meredith have great style, but it’s the kind of style that’s effortless. It’s just them – relaxed and fun. Meredith struck me as such a natural beauty: very little make up, yet so stunning. AC was so comfortable in front of the camera too, which made my job super easy!

I love the way they describe their relationship: comfortable and casual. It’s true, too – I felt so comfortable around them, like I had known them forever. I’m especially excited about their wedding! It’s going to take place in the same small town that my own Mama grew up in, and they desire to make family the heartbeat of their wedding celebration. I’m so grateful to be a part of this couple’s life as they begin their lives together!


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Nancy–thank you for making US feel so comfortable around YOU! I truly believe that’s a sign of a great photographer as well as a beautiful spirit; you are certainly both. We love the photographs and are SO excited to have you with us on the big day! Thanks again!

So sweet!! Love the lighting and textures of the pictures. The yellow “Raleigh” sign really pops! I also want her sweater! :)

Love that first shot – dreamy morning light!

We are so glad you are here!

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