I met Megan for her bridal portraits at the gorgeous Sutherland in Wake Forest on a particularly cold and rainy Sunday evening in March. A number of things happened leading up to the shoot that would have perturbed any other bride (including but not limited to: keys and dress being locked in the car and the weather being kind of icky!) However, after some time and some skilled lock maneuvering by one of our very own Wake Forest Police Officer’s, all was settled and the sun even came out for a bit!

Obviously you always want things to go as planned, but it says a lot about the bride for things to still go extremely well despite unexpected changes and circumstances that happen beyond your control. Megan’s calm and cool demeanor was a huge part of that! We had so much fun talking and hanging out with her mother and grandmother even while we were waiting on the session to get rolling. Once we started shooting, we were able to make the session a complete and utter success in large part because of Megan’s composure, and she looked stunning all the while!


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