Meet Winston, our great dane puppy!

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Nancy, he is the cutest thing ever! So excited that y’all finally got your Great Dane!! I know that’s a fun edition to the family! Hope you and Will are doing well!

He is so precious! Great name for a Great Dane! Beautiful pics.

Oh my gosh!! He is SO cute! Cute name too. Can’t wait for our own!

He is absolutely adorable! And I think “Winston” suits him perfectly.

Congratulations! He is adorable!!!

SO CUTE! enjoy puppyhood…they grow up so quickly!!! He is SO HANDSOME!

Oh my goodness, Nancy!! Everyone in these photos is adorable! (Including, of course, Winston!) :)

Hi Nancy,

He is really beautiful

Oh Nancy, what a beautiful puppy you have there. You guys look like you were made for him. I am so glad you have him and I know he will have a great home with you


Congratulations!! He’s adorable!! So excited for you!!

Nancy! He is adorable and the name is so fitting! Welcome to doggy parenthood :)

Nancy! so cute! I hope to meet him at FPU (except I won’t be there this week!) He’s adorable:)

Oh my goodness you finally got your great dane!!! I absolutely love these pictures too, so cute nancy!

LOVE Great Danes.

That is one seriously beautiful dog. Can’t wait to see pics as Winston grows!

Oh my goodness…he is the cutest! Can’t wait to see how he grows in the coming months! Be sure to shoot lots of doggie photos. Congratulations on your new “baby”!

Oh how CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

SO fun! what an adorable puppy :) he’s got a cute name to go with his cute self, too!

So flippin’ precious!!!! How adorable!!!!

too cute! haha, i can smell the puppy breath!

That’s the cutest little “big” pup I’ve ever seen! How precious, Nancy! :)

Could you guys be more adorable?!?! Winston – the perfect name, too! Congratulations :o)

Oh my goodness – Winston is soooo cute!!! How adorable!!

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