Hi Everyone, Nancy’s husband Will here. Nancy and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our second little one, Lyndon Whitfield Ray!

You may have seen a number of pictures already via Instagram or Facebook, but we’ve been getting back up to speed so just now having the chance to post here.

Lyndon was born in a whirlwind at 9:38pm on July 26, 2017. Nancy is looking forward to share more about the amazing birth story in the coming weeks! We’re super grateful for the doctors and nurses at WakeMed!

Lyndon and Nancy (and Milly and I) are starting to get into a groove and we’re having a blast. Milly LOVES her little sister! Understandably, there was an adjustment period the first 7-10 days, with a few more meltdowns than normal. Thankfully it all got worked out, and now our only issue is how hard Milly wants to kiss and hug “Baby Lyndon.” Gentle! Gentle!

Thanks to our wonderful family photographer Elizabeth, who was there to capture the whole thing! And thanks to Callie and Olivia for holding down the studio these last few weeks! For now, you can see more pics of Lyndon on Instagram, as well as here on the blog in the coming weeks.

Lastly, thanks to the many of you who prayed for us, encouraged Nancy, and sent notes of congratulations after her arrival! We’re blessed!

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[…] July 29, 2017, we welcomed our baby girl, Lyndon into the world! She has been an absolute joy, and my time away has once again been such a gift. […]

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