In the past we have hired our interns by season, but this year we decided that it would be more efficient for us to hire both a spring and fall intern in the same round of interviews. We had so many wonderful applicants and felt confident that we could choose two great interns from one pool, instead of doing another call and round of interviews in the summer for our fall internship. With that being said, we hired Cassie at the beginning of this year, and she (and us) have been waiting many months to be together in the studio! Now that the time is finally here, we are so excited for y’all to get to know her! Take it away Cassie!

Where are you from?
Auburn, WA— a suburb south of Seattle

What do you love about photography?
Storytelling— I believe our lives are best spent celebrating and cherishing our unique story. I love the way photography captures the sweet moments, the everyday, the big milestones, and tells our beautiful stories.

What are you passionate about?
Jesus. His love and grace and mercy.

What is your current favorite book?
I love to read, and I don’t know that I can pick a favorite! I currently have All the Light We Cannot See, Present over Perfect, and my bible on my nightstand.


What is your favorite food?
My dad is Italian, and I will always crave his homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

What is something that no one knows about you?
My husband and I have matching scars on our left arms from the same surgery we both had when we were growing up.

Favorite thing to do on a beautiful day?
I love to go on walks with my husband Nate and our sweet dog Max. If it’s a Saturday we are walking to the Durham Farmers Market, every other day we are walking to our favorite ice cream shop.


What are you excited about in the next 12 months?
Nate graduates from Duke’s Physician Assistant Program!

Coffee or Tea?
I drink tea at home, and order coffee if we are out.

What are you grateful for right now?
I am deeply grateful for my husband and the ways he supports and loves me, as well as the opportunity to learn and grow through my NRP internship. This is a dream come true for sure!

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Yay! Congratulations Cassie! Interning with the NRP team seems like such a sweet gift of an opportunity to learn and grow both in the business and in character. Enjoy every moment! :)

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!