Love this sweet couple. The forecast was rain, rain, and more rain, but they were moving to D.C. the day after their engagement shoot was scheduled, so we decided we were going for it, no matter what! I told them to bring rainboots and umbrellas, and we were going to have fun. Thankfully, the rain stopped just enough for us to have a lovely little session near Wake Forest. Megan brought a sweet heirloom quilt that brought extra coziness, and these images of them snuggling turned out to be some of my favorite!

How adorable are their pups! I love seriously love them. They felt like teddy bears and were full of energy. So full that they wriggled right out of their leashes and took off exploring in Wake Forest right after I took this shot! It made for quite the adventurous session when Megan and Matt chased them and called after them. As soon as the pups were safe, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was just so great to see Megan and Matt interact together when they were going after their pups, worried, and a bit stressed. (And who could blame them? I would be too!) But it gave me, their photographer, a glimpse into who they are… much more than I typically get at a session. I saw how they interact, how they handled the situation, and how much they love their dogs. Honestly, I loved what I saw. They handled it beautifully and made a memory of it!

Can’t wait to capture your big day, Megan and Matt! Tell D.C. hello!

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So pleased to see these glimpses into this couple’s future. They will be a great married couple. Thanks for sharing.

Oh My goodness! I was so wonderfully surprised to pop over this morning and realize I know Megan from college, we worked at the Sorority/Fraternity store together (JAS love Megan!) What a beautiful shoot and a sweet couple!

Love the real life of this shoot :) love that the rain made for a beautiful overcast as well :) good luck in the move you two!

I couldn’t be happier for my daughter and Matt! Love their engagement photos!!!

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