February was so good. It was full of adventures and snow, progress and training, and it marked the start of my third trimester. But I will admit : the beginning of February was really hard because of one word: indecision. There were so many big things we had to make decisions about, and they were hard. For whatever reason, Will and I could not for the life of us decide where to take our babymoon. I couldn’t decide whether to not to take a trip to Nashville to run a 15K and surprise my sister, or stay home. I couldn’t decide whether to say yes or no to speaking engagements this fall. We are still trying to decide on a crib. I felt like I was stuck in this slump of indecision on so many levels, and it was rough.

One night when I was talking to my mom about it, she said something to me that really changed my mind about my indecision. She said, “Nancy, make a decision, then make it right.” In other words, it’s best to just go ahead and make the decision, then don’t look back to regret it! Boom. Then you can move forward and enjoy that decision! After agonizing for much to long, I simply said: we are doing this. So, we did plan a spontaneous trip to Nashville to visit my mom and surprise my sister and my niece Harper (it was her 7th birthday!). I secretly signed us both up to run in the Hot Chocolate 5K / 15K on Valentine’s Day! And guess what? It was SO worth it. My sister burst into tears when I walked in the door, and Harper wouldn’t stop hugging me. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I learned that it really is better to decide and move forward, rather than sit in the stress of indecision.

Also, after vacillating between Italy or California for our babymoon, we finally decided on California. And guess what? It absolutely was and is the right decision. Shorter flights (less swelling), more luxurious accommodations (thanks to more cushion in our budget), less stress to see and do all the things, no language barrier, warmer weather, focusing on one another rather than the hectic travel schedule (isn’t that what a babymoon is all about?) … it’s going to be perfect.

So, make March a month of decisions! What have you been putting off? What have you been agonizing over?
Make your decision, then make it right. Happy March, friends!


March Goals

Read 12 in 12 : The Soul of Money & Baby Wise
Announce our New Associate Photographer (check the blog this Wednesday!)
Go on a Babymoon to California!
Launch our new Financial Workshop
Cook 2 new recipes from Bread and Wine with my sister
Go Camping at the coast with friends (weather permitting!)
Furnish the Nursery
Have our Maternity Photos taken by Callie
Savor our sweet baby shower
Speak at Making Things Happen
Run 2-3 times / week

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Thank you so much for this advice. I read it when you originally posted it and have been really struggling with some decisions , so I came back to it tonight. It was just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

I will have to check out Bread and Wine! Adding a recommended cookbook to my list always makes it better.

Your comments on indecision are so insightful. Thank you for sharing your heart!

I posted my March goals here:

I have been debating telling you to make sure and read Baby Wise. You will definitely get varied opinions on it, but I found it the BEST thing for each of my three boys. They ALL slept through the night at 6-7 weeks old, and had the best, most predictable schedule. They were happy babies, and I believe that is because they were well rested! (um, and so was this mama!) (Also, we never had to let them “cry it out”. The longest they ever cried was 5-10 minutes.)
Really, I swear by the simplicity of feed, wake, sleep.
And Bread and Wine, that has been on my wishlist forever :)

Go Nancy go! I have spent lengthy periods of time in indecision before and this post encouraged me to not do that anymore. I posted my March goals today: :)

Bread & Wine is SO good!! And surprising family is always the best decision :)

Nancy – I LOVED the book Bread and Wine!! I want to make all of the recipes!!! :)

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