At the beginning of a new month, one of my favorite things that the Powersheets offers is a small box that says: “Pep talk to self.”  This month, my pep talk reads:

It’s wedding season now, and I know what that means! It’s time to step up my game, roll up my sleeves, and GET TO WORK.

It’s true. I’ve accomplished much these past 2 months, but I’ve still had my Saturdays and weekends to regroup. Callie and Elizabeth have already kicked off wedding season here at NRP on the 22nd of February, and we will have photographed 3 weddings by the end of March. It doesn’t slow down from there, either! April and May have quickly turned out to be my busiest months of the year. By the end of May, the studio will have already photographed 14 weddings and even more sessions.

It’s easy to look ahead and get overwhelmed, but I’m choosing a different path. I’m going back to logging my hours this month, preparing everything in advance so nothing catches me by surprise, stepping up our in-studio editing and blogging, and tackling work one day at a time.

My secrets to getting it all done? Getting enough sleep each night. Waking up early. Exercising regularly. Communicating frequently the team and with my clients. Making sure my workflows are in place. Tackling email as best and as often as I can. Praying. Doing focused work. (I often use a timer to set time-sensitive goals when it comes to emails, editing, and blogging.) Making time for what matters: time with Will, time with family, time for friends, time for rest.

This month, I’m sharing my monthly goals, as well as my weekly and daily goals. I’ve been finding that many of my weekly and daily habits are what keeps me on task, but I never list them here! I hope they inspire you to create healthy habits that will pave the way for a fulfilling life of hard work, good rest, and fulfilling relationships.

March Goals

20 in 12: Read Ordering Your Private World and Who Moved My Cheese
(also finish reading Paid to Speak. I’m a little behind on this one.)
Hire an intern
Order personal photos to fill frames in our home*
Collaborate with my gifted friend and designer Becca on a dreamy Styled Shoot
Buy and sell lenses* (I purchased my camera, but haven’t finished updating my lenses)
Have a getaway weekend in Asheville with Will
Speak at Making Things Happen (Can’t wait!)
Declutter excessive decorations in my home
Practice new calligraphy techniques (Thank you, Lauren!)
Announce Spring mini-sessions
Write letters to sponsored kids
Get fitted on my road bike

Ankle tending: icing and PT exercises
Take a Sabbath
Hot Yoga or strength training 3x/week
Stay off social media 2 days/week
Sundays: reset household and laundry day

Morning Routine
ShootQ check in & workflow
Drink 4-5 waters (in my favorite tumbler)
Read 15-20 pages in my current book of choice
Sleep 10pm – 6am
Complete posture exercises

(*) = unfinished goals from last month
I would love to hear what your goals are this month. Leave a link in the comments!

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My goals: You inspired me to add calligraphy practice – I think it’s going to be really important to reinforce some of the things we learned right away so that we don’t lose them for good! Good thing we can check in with each other if necessary!!

I love your goals and how focused they are, especially when life is so hectic! I also took the calligraphy class with Lauren… wasn’t it so wonderful and eye-opening?! Here are my monthly goals for March –

@Stephanie : Yes, I loved the calligraphy class! Totally eye opening!

Yay! Love reading your blog and following your goals! Keep up the good work!

I just started reading “Paid to Speak” as well! I’m enjoying it so far. What are your thoughts on the book? Do you think it is helping in any particular way with continually improving as a speaker?

Goals at the link:

Good luck with the March goals!

Hi Alyssa! Yes, I think it’s helpful in improving my speaking skills in many areas! In simple ways like how to present myself confidently on a stage, as well as how to strategically plan for the business side of it as well. I’m excited to apply much of what I’ve learned through my speaking engagements this year. It’s been quite helpful! Highly recommend it if you are looking to develop a career as a public speaker.

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