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This past Tuesday at the opportunity to speak at Raleigh’s Wedding Photographic Society. What a great group of photographers who meet together, dream together, ask questions, and challenge one another! I was so honored to be asked to speak, and I chose the topic of setting goals. There are so, so, so many topics to choose to speak on in small business ownership, but this is one that sets my heart on fire. Truly, nothing has pushed me further or inspired me more than setting my own goals and reaching them.

To be honest, (as I was with the group on Tuesday,) when I first began setting monthly goals, I was awful at it! I thought I could do about 17 goals in 1 month, and I would completely overload my plate. When the following month rolled around, I’d feel like a failure. But the truth is, if you stick with it, you learn what you are capable of. You learn to set reasonable goals, that are specific, that are measurable, that are your goals, that have a deadline.  And most importantly – you share those goals with yourself and those around you by putting them into writing. (Read more thoughts on Goal Setting here.)

So, with that said, I am continuing in my goal setting this month, but I’m not perfect! I did not clean out my closet last month, so I’m hopefully going to do that this week. I also didn’t practice guitar, because my time and energy was focused on my half marathon. I also got bronchitis, which forced me to rest and not see that 6am alarm clock for about 10 days straight. BUT… I did finish both books (and one of the books listed below!), my half marathon, I hosted a lovely dinner party, and I successfully accomplished all the other goals listed. So, with renewed vision and inspiration, here are my goals for March! Always remember – if you simply keep up the habit of setting goals, amazing things will inevitably follow.

March 2013 Goals

15 in 12: Read Weird and Think and Grow Rich   
Practice guitar 15 minutes/day, 3 days/week +  schedule my next guitar lesson
Clean out my closet & give a bunch of stuff away
Establish my girls’ small group at church & reach out to each them individually
Begin leading our 4th FPU Class at church
Kick off wedding season with our first wedding of the year!
Have 1 day of rest each week with no social media

And specifically relating to the quote at the top of this post, this month I am going to be very intentional about my health:
Establish a new running and exercise routine (now that I don’t have a race!)
Ride my roadbike 2x/week
Embrace a complete and permanent lifestyle change in regards to my diet. And I’m excited about it!

What are your goals for this month? Leave a link in the comments!

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Nancy- you are such an inspiration. I look forward to your goals every month! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy- you are such an inspiration. I look forward to your goals every month! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy – I love your heart and your vulnerability and honesty! I have had a tough time crossing off all of my goals each month, I’m still setting goals, but I chose to lighten the load a bit – but it is refreshing and reassuring to know that I am not alone in my struggle sometimes! Thank you for sharing! Here are my March goals

: ) Have fun at your first wedding of the season! Hope all goes well. Also fight through the painful fingers during guitar playing!! You’ll get callouses and it will all be gravy after that! Trust me. Also I would love to send you my address for your closet things you’re giving away ; ) hehe

I love the idea of a day without social media, I’ve been considering taking part in Lara’s Social Media Free Weekend but I just haven’t bit the bullet! Hoping MTH will give me the final push I need!

Thanks for always encouraging me to reach my goals!

Love these! Congrats on the half marathon! Here are mine.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve definitely learned my lesson in setting too many goals. Hope FPU is awesome for you guys. Love the new videos for it! Can’t wait to learn from you at MTH this month… here are my March goals!

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