Hey friends! Making Things Happen is happening again, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. Before I give my recap of my last MTH, you can grab your early bird seat here before January 29th and save $1000. Just saying’ – JUMP ON IT.

This past MTH was such a unique experience for me. It was the gut-check I needed since becoming a mama, because the last time I went through MTH I was quite pregnant.


To be honest, I was expecting some huge, momentous, life-changing emotion to hit me now that I have a daughter. I was thinking to myself, “I did it! I made it happen. I’m a mama now, so let’s see what I get out of this MTH that will be different from all the others.” Honestly, I shouldn’t have had any expectations. That’s what I tell everyone who goes through MTH : LEAVE your expectations BEHIND and let God say what He wants to say. Period.


So after writing and digging and searching and processing, I came away with this: yes, I’m a mama now. I love my daughter so much, and it’s so fun to dream bigger since she’s part of our lives. But more than that, I’m still me. I’m still a daughter of God first, a wife, a mama, a friend, a business owner. My identity has grown to encompass “mama,” but it hasn’t changed. I’m still who I am.


Can I be real for a second? MTH was challenging this time around because I’m a mama. It is much more difficult to wake up early and have my morning routine, my workout schedule, to check things off my list like I always have. It’s hard to do that stuff now because of this tiny person that I love who grows every day and demands so much of my attention. But MTH made me ask myself again: WHAT do I want to make happen?


Do I want to make a checklist or a business or a half marathon or ______ happen MORE than I want to make family happen? Heck no. Here are some new things I want to make happen after my last MTH experience:

1. I want to make family memories happen. Camping, visiting Milly’s great grandparents, July 4th in Beaufort, weekly family dinners, days of rest. I want Milly to remember those things – not just “mommy working” all the time.
2. I want to make a healthy lifestyle happen. This takes planning and self discipline. I promise – a healthy lifestyle does not just “happen” for me.
3. I want to make a strong business happen. Nancy Ray Photography is a calling on my life, and I want see growth in my team, growth in my work, growth in the finances of NRP, growth in our mission.
4. I want to make real ministry happen. Since MTH I have joined a women’s small group at my church, and we minister to one another weekly.
5. I want to make time with the Lord happen. Real, get on my knees prayer life. Time reading scripture. Time worshiping him at church and in my home. I want to truly abide with Him daily.

And with that, I felt a huge release at this MTH to simply prioritize. To do what I can with my best effort. Then, to be free. My identity isn’t in what I accomplish – my identity is in the Lord. Everything falls under that umbrella! Yes, Nancy Ray is a speaker, photographer, wife, runner, blogger, mama, etc. But Nancy Ray is first the Lord’s. Period.


I know some of you may be reading and wondering why I’m so Jesus-y, especially since this is a photography blog for crying out loud. All I can say to that is, this is me. My heart has always aimed to give you transparency and truth in the middle of this business, and I hope you see that. And for me, being transparent means sharing Jesus with you, because He is my everything.

Back to MTH… it’s actually not a Christian conference! Ha! It’s a conference created to help you dig deep and create action steps towards what matters most to YOU. Click here and read about it to find out more. It’s changed my life in so many ways, I can’t wait to hear what the spring has in store!

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Oh Nancy, I love your blog for your transparency. Thank you for sharing today. You’ve inspired me to dig back into what matters to me, and putting that at the top of my list. :)

We are so glad you are here!

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