It literally seems like last week that I was meeting Lucy and her sweet parents Jean and Kevin for Lucy’s 6 month session… time seriously flies! We did her 9 month film session at the WRAL Azalea Gardens on a beautiful, bright morning at the end of July.

Lucy, who was just sitting up and finding her feet and smiling at crazy movements and sounds 3 months ago, is borderline close to crawling, can’t stop smiling and laughing, and has some adorable little teeth coming in. She was cracking us up during her session because she kept noticing the tiniest little details… she’d sit in a field of grass and at first survey all the grass with her eyes, then you’d see her little pincher grasp coming for one blade in particular, and then you’d see her pluck the blade, examine it closely, and then pull a tiny speck of dirt off of it. She’d stare closely at the dirt for a second before moving on to another tiny detail – she is just adorable!

I can’t wait to see this little girl in another 3 months. I’ve loved seeing the progression of her growth and being able to document that for her family to have for years to come. See you soon, Mertas!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab









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