Remember that wonderful couple I ranted and raved about, Sarah Beth and Cody? And the tight-knit, power-house family Sarah Beth is a part of? Well this is Lindsay, Sarah Beth’s sister, and her sweet as can be fiance, Chip.

Don’t even get me started on how much fun it is to be around Lindsay and Chip. There are very few couples that compliment each other as well as these two do. But after seeing Chip break it down on the dance floor and belt out spice girls to Lindsay, I know they are the perfect compliment to each other’s personalities. Only a short two weeks after Sarah Beth and Cody’s wedding, I met up with Lindsay and Chip to capture their engagement session. Her sweet mama said to me, “Well Olivia, we had two weeks off, now it’s round two, let’s do this!!”

So we met up at the Tobacco Campus, the same spot Chip proposed to Lindsay and we walked and talked for what felt like 5 minutes, but in reality was almost two hours. They are both in school, planning a wedding, and busy being dog parents to their sweet little, insta-famous fury love, Olivia! Or better known as @oliviapopethepup. Needless to say, these two are the definition of a killin’ it, power couple. And the best part about them is that despite their crazy schedules they don’t seem to miss a beat in the fun department. Chip keeps Lindsay laughing and always on her toes, figuratively and literally, being that Chip is one tall drink of water and Lindsay is petite and beautiful.

Together these two will move mountains and they will have the master’s degrees to do it with! This sweet couple is especially fun for me, being that I already know Lindsay’s family fairly well, and I certainly know I love them all a whole lot.

Lindsay and Chip, I can’t wait for your October wedding, and for all the fun we will have in the mean time planning all of the details. Thank you for trusting me to photograph this time in your life and bringing me into your family as a dear friend. I cannot say enough how much I already love you both!

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