Emily Ley, what a gem. If you know that name, you know she makes the beautiful Simplified Planner, she believes in grace over perfection, she speaks at Making Things Happen, and she loves her family more than anything. Will and I were able to spend some time with her and her sweet family last month as she graciously hosted us while Will finished his new job training, and I had the joy of seeing this mama up close and personal in day to day life!

Let me just say – she lives it. She lives everything she believes and teaches. She loves her family first, she loves her work, she loves making time for what matters most. For example, as soon as she welcomed me into her home, she was telling her nanny goodbye for the day. Then, she got out tons of blankets and laid them on the floor for the babies to play on, and said, “Brady! Go put on your bathing-suit, buddy!” So he punched the sky and said “Yeah!” and ran upstairs to put on his bathing-suit. The back door slid wide open, and Brady came downstairs and rain all the way from inside the living room and jumped into the pool. Em and I sat with our babies on the blankets, watching Brady’s tricks in the pool, spending time together.

What an encouragement this mama has been to me. She’ll be the first one to tell you she’s not perfect, but she loves her life. She loves and works with all her heart. She sent me countless texts of encouragement when I was pregnant and afraid, saying “you CAN do this.” Em, I am so grateful to call you a friend. Thank you for shining so bright in this world! I love you and your sweet, sweet family so much!
















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So sweet! I love both Emily’s and your perspective Nancy on business & life & making it work. You captured her family beautifully!

These are such cute photos, and those babies are adorable!

These are perfection, Nancy! Em, I love you and your sweet little fam. Hugs xoxo

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