Life is really all about leaving a legacy.


My sweet Papa and Mama Dot. Both currently rejoicing in heaven. Married for years. 5 children. I have the honor to be called 1 of their 11 grandchildren.

At Nancy Ray Photography, we believe that part of our legacy is leaving you with photographs you will treasure for longer than a lifetime. It is our mission to enhance your legacy! Your wedding photographs and album will eventually be held by the hands of your children and grandchildren, and we believe those images should be as beautiful as the love that you share.

Our desire is that our photography would point directly to your deep rooted love and your long lasting marriage. And while no photograph can quite capture the beauty of a marriage that lasts to celebrate its 50th anniversary, we will certainly try our best. We take photos at each wedding with that in mind : part of your lasting legacy will be in these photographs. We treat that as the highest honor.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the opportunity to capture that for you.

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