Every once in a while I do a session that just refills my tank in a way I didn’t really expect or know I needed. Kenzie’s newborn session was one of those sessions. Instead of driving home I wanted to go do 3 more just like it as I was pulling out of their driveway. Pretty sure the family pictures I got of the Jackson’s are some of my favorites. Like, ever.

I think I loved their session so much because even in the in between moments (transitioning from room to room, setting up equipment, etc) there was so much joy in that home. At one point I was photographing Mark and Kenzie, and I remember hearing Katherine laughing with and chasing Bryce and Sadie in the other room. It made my heart so happy to come around the corner to see her literally under the dining room table with the kids. #momgoals

When I do newborn sessions, I come into people’s homes at an incredibly tender, vulnerable time. Sure, bringing home a little one is joyful in and of itself, but it’s also a time when sleep is hard to come by, emotions run high, and stress can be the norm. It literally stops me in my tracks when I see a family actively choosing joy in the little things (like wrangling kiddos for pictures) when it could be so easy to lose sight of it.

Thank you Jackson family for allowing me to photograph this special time for your family – it was wonderful to see you guys again!

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