This couple is so. much. fun. When I arrived at their home in Charlotte bright and early on a rainy day, I knew they were amazing because they were up for anything. Yes it was foggy and misty and wet outside, but they said, let’s go for it. And I’m so glad we did! I don’t know about them, but I had a blast!

Kate has such charm. She is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, and she’s so easy to talk to. I felt like I’ve known her forever, even though we only met that day for the first time. Mike is perfect for her – laid back, calm, and really good at making her laugh. Just watching these two together brought a smile to my face. Their wedding is going to be amazing.

These first few photos were taking outside of Alexander Michael’s, one of their favorite date-spots in Charlotte.  We took Mike and Kate’s advice and tried it while we were in Charlotte, and it was delicious! The fried pickles were amazing, and their signature “What it is” dish is definitely a new favorite of mine. Will and I definitely will be going back!

And just so you can really see how awesome this couple is, check out their save the date! :

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OMG cutest engagement shoot ever, I loooooove the rainyness of it all! They are freakin’ cute and their save the date makes me DIE! :)

This is so great Nancy! This couple look like a blast!

Hey! These look familiar! 😉 They are super cute! (And I am in love with her dress.)

NANCY RAY IS THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! Thanks Nancy – we LOVE our pictures! xxxo

Super cute couple! Great photos too of course. :)

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