There aren’t quite enough words for me to tell you just how much these two mean to me. Two years ago Callie and I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Blufton, SC and it was all things magical. We loved everyone at that wedding and have talked about it ever since. Then this year, the sister of the groom from our beautiful wedding two years ago, got engaged and she emailed us. I was ecstatic. I knew this girl was about as sweet as they come, so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was so honored.

Then, I got to meet Caleb. And he was the perfect fit to her sweet and bubbly personality! Caleb is kind, patient, and goes above and beyond to serve Kate. Spending the afternoon with the two of them in Greenville, SC felt like spending the afternoon with dear friends. These two have a love for each other that is unlike any other I have ever seen. But what is even more incredible is their love for Jesus. They actually met in ministry and their focus and center for everything is Christ. Spending time with them is such an encouragement and I am so grateful to get to be apart of this season with them.

Kate and Caleb, you two are unlike anyone else. I am so grateful for your hearts and am thrilled to be able to serve you both this October as we celebrate your marriage!

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Oh happy day! Love how life is coming full circle! THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! I love the NRP team so much.

Oh my goodness!!! We love you and are so floored by how you have poured into us and prayed for us specifically in this sweet season. So much excitement that the NRP team has us in October! We can’t wait to celebrate with you (and frame ALL of these beautiful photos!)

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!