The past three months spent interning at NRP have taught me so much more than I had imagined they would. I went into this internship hoping to gain guidance about photography, entrepreneurship, and organization, and I have gained that and so much more. These three months have fostered incredible friendships, tested my patience, inspired me, given me tears of joy and made me realize there is so much more to this company than their beautiful photographs and technical skills. I am so thankful for all that these sweet ladies have done for me in my time here, and wanted to share some of the reasons I will cherish this experience for years.


– Feeling welcomed and important from day one
These people, you guys! I remember being celebrated on my first day as an intern with a delicious lunch, and immediately felt so welcomed. Though I may only be a temporary part of their team, each and every one of them greeted me with smiles, thank-yous, encouragement and genuine interest in any recommendations or questions I had. From day one, I have felt so loved; even Winston the Dane (or… small horse) nuzzles me every time I come into the studio! And here I sit this afternoon, on my last day as an intern – so thankful for the lunch celebration they so sweetly planned just for me. Goodness, am I going to miss them.

– Experiencing and photographing LOTS of incredible weddings
I just love weddings. Not only did I have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful details of many different weddings and venues, but I also got to meet so many incredible people – vendors, brides, grooms, and wedding parties. I have seen so many couples look at each other with such a deep love; how could you not adore observing God’s incredible gift of marriage firsthand every other weekend?

– Learning about the business side of things
I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend understanding the less glamorous side of things in the wedding industry. I have learned the importance of organization, establishing and maintaining a consistent brand, marketing, and treating clients like queens. Experiencing this first-hand made me realize how much work and how many moving parts go into crafting a company like NRP, yet they make it happen day in and day out! One thing that really stuck with me is the way they go above and beyond in everything possible, whether that be sending clients Christmas gifts or going out of their way to handwrite personal and genuine thank you notes.



– Realizing on wedding days, you need to wear many hats
Being a great wedding photographer means you’re also part planner, stylist, hair-fixer, athlete, and person-herder. You’re also often a mud-checker and hand-holder for the rainier wedding days. I’ve learned through experience: wear rain boots if it’s rainy, learn how to tie bow ties, know how to put on veils, make a clear checklist of shots, have a backup plan for everything, and wear comfortable shoes!

– Finding joy in everything
This is one of the main reasons I enjoyed my time interning here so much; the people I’ve worked with always looked on the bright side! Every time I came into the studio or assisted at a wedding, I was challenged to see initially frustrating things in a new, brighter light. I can’t remember a day spent with the NRP team that I didn’t belly laugh or happy cry.

I am so thankful for my time spent with such a great group of people – for the countless laughs, for the cries, for the lessons, for the long road trips, inspiring stories, tons of lunches, fashion advice, accidental triplet-ing, and kind words. I have learned so much not only about photography, but about myself and who I want to be. Blessings upon blessings – oh, how I will miss it!


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