June Mini’s started as complete chaos, but they ended up being probably my favorites to date.

Here’s what happened: the plan was to get to Annie Wilkerson Park at 7:45 to get settled in for my first session at 8am. I did, but apparently the park openers did not, which was completely my fault for overlooking when the park actually opens (insert red cheeked, wide eyed emoji face here). Yeah. …I had about a 4 minute time of panic before I snapped out of it, and started making some quick decisions.

Thankfully this mini-session date was not full, so I didn’t have more than a handful of people to call, as I sat in my car outside of the closed park. I waited for my first clients, who pulled up right at 8. From there, we drove to a little greenway entrance a couple of miles away that the NRP team has used from time to time, and that’s where mini-sessions took place.

Here’s where I’ll take some time to say, yet again, thank you to every family who was flexible in rolling with the chaos. You all were so wonderful and I’m so grateful!

Here’s what ended up being so great: the greenway is smaller than the parks we’ve used in the past and right beside a tiny parking lot, which allowed me to focus on taking great photos and to worry a lot less about the clock. We will absolutely be selecting locations that mimic this concept again!

I’m excited to share all of these mini sessions in separate blogposts, so be sure to check back to see each one within the next 48 hours! Up first is my 9th grade English teacher (one of my favorites from high school) and her family. It doesn’t get much better, even with such a crazy start to the morning!

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