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I woke up this morning at 5:30am feeling so refreshed after a full day of rest. Goodness I’m learning that rest is so, so important. Today is a new day, a new week, a new month. We’ve made it halfway through the year (high fives!), and I’m so grateful for all that I’ve experienced and accomplished so far. I have to be honest – June was crazy. I traveled to Myrtle Beach SC, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Charlottesville VA, Nashville TN, Wilmington, Cary and Pittsboro (twice). Last week, we took 26 kids to summer camp, then photographed a rehearsal dinner and 2 weddings… all in the span of 6 days. I was so exhausted, but that 1 day of rest gave me exactly what I needed to feel refreshed once again.

Don’t get me wrong – I love love love my life! It’s busy and crazy and hectic and fun and so, so rewarding. Will and I both love to work hard and hustle, then rest well and intentionally relax. That’s why I love July! With no weddings scheduled, I’m ready to head to the beach and simply celebrate life. And make some homemade peach ice cream. Hallelujah.

Another thing I love about July? It means we are officially halfway through 2013, and it’s time to stop and re-assess my 2013 goals. I’m happy to say I’m right on track!

Here’s an overview of everything I’ve accomplished / have yet to accomplish so far:

2013 Goals I’ve Completed:
Run an official half marathon
Purchase and learn to ride a Roadbike
Host a Dinner Party
Be a 6am morning person (5 out of 7 days/week)
Complete the Whole 30
Expand my business [outsource more]
Change the way we shop for groceries (ie: local, organic, farmers market, whole foods)
Be intentional with rest

2013 Goals I have yet to accomplish:
Learn to play the guitar well (Needing lots of practice!)
Complete a sprint triathlon
Learn Calligraphy (I still need lots of practice here, too!)
Celebrate our 5th Anniversary in style! (Trip scheduled for September)
Become completely comfortable shooting in film (I am very, very close to this being my reality. Once I get my camera fixed, I think I’ll move this into the “accomplished” list!)
Mentor a group of girls at church
Read 15 Books in 12 Months
Be intentional with rest (While I’ve somewhat succeeded at this the first half of the year, I still feel I have far to go. Implementing lots of rest is something that doesn’t come naturally to myself or Will, but it will be so important the last half of this year since it’s our busiest season.)

And the key to making those yearly goals happen? Breaking them down to monthly goals! …

July Goals

15 in 12 : Read His Excellency: George Washington
(My new tradition: read the biography of a founding father each year in July! Last year I read John Adams)
Shoot zero weddings and relax. Very thankful for this month of recovery!
Enjoy Beaufort and Myrtle Beach with family
Make homemade peach ice cream
Buy a pair of Sseko Sandals
Go to the Farmer’s Market
Launch new website galleries
Take 2 swim lessons
Share the love of Jesus with the people of Nicaragua as Will and I lead a group of 30 students and adults
Play the guitar for fun
Really sign up for a triathlon, or make up my own. My schedule’s crazy. I’m having a difficult time finding one that isn’t on a wedding weekend!
Buy a new seat for my roadbike (recommendations welcome!)

Here’s a wonderful July, and a fulfilling last half of 2013!

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Ashley – I’m not sure where I’m getting my camera fixed yet! I’m looking into repair shops in Utah and CA. Hopefully I’ll find some success!

I love that you have “make homemade peach ice cream” as a goal :) Enjoy your month off!

Yea for monthly goals!

Hey Nancy! That’s awesome you’re shooting in film! Quick question though- where are you getting your camera fixed? My grandpa gave me his old Exakta VX camera and I’ve gone through 2 rolls of film that have come back blank. I can’t find anywhere that repairs film cameras!

Nancy!!! I loooove reading your goals and this is my third month of posting my goals too – you inspired me!!
Today on my post I sent you a Thank YOUUU for inspiring me to participate in the #contentmentchallenge.
I especially love your goals for this month and year, love that you run and want to do a Tri this year. I did my first sprint tri two years a go and it was extremely intense and I also ran my first half in 2011, loooved it. This month I start training for nyc marathon, it’s going to be my first full and i’m scared :) :) It’s awesome to find another photographer that also is into running and tris. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and wish you an awesome month of well deserved rest. Enjoy!!

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