Well goodness! We are all moved into our new home, our new studio, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and the news about baby # 3 is finally out. I’m feeling like I’ve crossed to another side of life, and I’m feeling really great! The first half of 2018 was really working towards this past week, and now I’m here. But what I’m realizing is: there’s a lot of work left to be done! So here’s to really making intentional decisions and enjoying this side of 2018!

Read Lioness Arising and finish 2 Second Lean Audio Book (For the Nancy Ray Book Clubbers… remember we swapped the order around! This month is Lioness Arising, next is Deep work)
Finish ordering all furniture + Hang all photos in our home
Write in Pregnancy Journal (it’s so much harder with 2 kids and the 3rd baby!)
Run 2x/week
Put our townhome on the market

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