Julianne and Gus are the perfect example of why I love doing engagement sessions!

1. I didn’t know them very well at the start, but I found out a lot about them by the end of our session
2. I discovered how much they are crazy about their sweet dog
3. I learned that Gus, an attorney, has quite the creative streak and was suggesting amazing locations throughout the session
4. I was able to experience new places for the first time, and I fell in love with the Art Museum
5. Julianne and Gus have some fun, secretive plans regarding their wedding, and I love how they think outside the box! Even their caterer is quite the creative choice. (If you want to know more, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for their wedding on the blog)

You two were so much fun to work with. I’m already looking forward to your big day!

Above: We decided that this beautiful sunset painting was *their* painting. I love the way they lit up when they found it!


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You have such a creative eye! I love this!

I love her dress! So classy ! Where can I get one? I love the location too! Very creative.

The photography is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to meet Nancy when she comes to New Bern I know I love her already. I do have two beautiful children and thesse photos are such a treasure. Thank You, Nancy.

You guys are so cute together ..I love your pictures thanks for sharing this speical part of your lives with us.

I love all of the cityscape photos! I love esessions where the couples love and personality shows through the photos! Such a fun couple and even talented photographer :)

Love the one where they’re sitting on the curb and you can just see the lower halves of their bodies and their shoes! :)

Absolutely lovely! I have an engagement session at the museum later this spring, and now I’m even more excited about it!

love the museum!!! cool stuff : )

Incredibly great photographs of an exceptionally attractive couple. Thanks so much for sharing

These photos are beautiful! I love the color in the art gallery, the photo of them kissing in front of a framed piece of art, and the downtown shoot. Great work Nancy :)

1. Her striped heels are FABULOUS.
2. These are stunning! I love the one that I can’t tell if it’s a reflection or you shot through something patterned and transparent– it’s incredible!!

This is really sweet! I didn’t you can have engagement sessions inside an art museum. Which is cool in itself!

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