here are the fun photos i got with joey & jonathan…. what a FUN couple!  i can’t wait for their wedding next may!  and for those of you who are FRIENDS fans…. see if you can find jonathan’s “chandler face.”  classic!

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[…] inside joke for me, jonathan and joey! remember THIS!? when we almost all got arrested during their engagement session? i thought that handcuffs were the perfect wedding day gift […]


I’m Jonathan’s aunt, his mother’s sister. Since I don’t get the opportunity to see them often (I’m a Southern transplant stuck in Minnesota!!!!!)it was a great chance for me to see him and his fiancee whom I have never met and may not get to meet until the wedding. You do brilliant work, capturing your subjects without that “posed” look that so often marks an engagement photo. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

Oh Nancy! These are just so perfect! Thank you so much for being so in tune with us that day! I literally just drove like a maniac to get home because I saw your post on Twitter while I was at work and wanted to see the photos so badly :) Thanks again!

I am IN LOVE with the one of them sitting on top of the lockers.

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