as soon as i got home from this wedding, i couldn’t wait to share it with you!  it was a wedding that i was honored to be a part of, and i don’t say that lightly. jess and mike are truly an incredible couple.  the sutherland was a perfect location!  i have been wanting to photograph a wedding here for a long time…not only because of it’s beauty, but because of my heritage.  fun fact: the sutherland is now a top wedding venue in the raleigh/wake forest area, but it is also the home my grandmother grew up in!  it was incredible to walk the hallways, knowing my grandmother did as a child. my emotions were caught up in the excitement of the day just as much as everyone else’s!

the day began as overcast with a cool breeze, and thunderstorm clouds kept rolling in.  however, this day was covered in much prayer and those clouds just kept passing by! i stopped to pray with jessica’s mom, then the bridesmaids surrounded jess in prayer. after that, there was such a peace over that entire place, everything unfolded beautifully. i watched in amazement as the day progressed, because there wasn’t one thing that went wrong. it was perfect!

jess showed me this hankie at their engagement session and i knew i needed a photo of it!  it is a vintage map of the state of virginia. LOVE it!

claire & ava – you two were superstars! look at how precious their plaid dresses are!

below: this photo really depicts jessica’s elegance. she was such an elegant and beautiful bride.

after spending some time with the ladies, the men arrived! the “settlers house” was the most rustic, manly place i’ve seen – the perfect area for guys to get ready.

one of my favorite moments of the day was when mike opened his gift. he was blown away, as was everyone else in the room.  it was a frame which held a sheet of paper that said, “qualities i’m looking for in a guy : 2004.” jess wrote this before they were together, and everyone in the room agreed that it described mike perfectly.

below: i love this shot that will grabbed! a sweet moment glancing at her dad before walking down the aisle.

mike’s face is priceless.

part 2 coming soon!

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these are perfect! they just perfectly & completely capture jess & mike! wish i could have been there! xo!

Awww…The Sutherland. I was their 1st bride. I was married in Binkley Chapel and our Reception was at the Sutherland. It is so beautiful!! :)

Nancy, We were soooo honored to have you shoot Mike and Jess’s wedding!! You and Will were the PERFECT photographers. It was like having a wedding photographed by good friends. You were so encouraging and fun!! We will never forget this special day. ..and these special photos will help the memory live on for years to come! Thanks so much!
Sue Ellen and Ralph


The pictures are beautiful!!! We loved having you there with us to capture the celebration. It was a delight to meet you! Jess will be so excited to see these when she gets home :)

We are so glad you are here!

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