as predicted, i have had this cd in my car since i got it, listening to it constantly.  i’ve already copied it to all my computers & my iphone, so i can listen whenever i have the urge.  i have a list of people in my mind {that keeps growing} who i just have to give this cd to because i know they will love it.  i know almost all the words to all the songs, and i’m not even close to wearing it out.  it’s that good ya’ll.

i was so honored to buy the cd, open it up, and see my work inside.  just to be a small part of this project was so amazing.  jess, john, daniel & dustin, along with everyone else involved – you guys pulled off an amazing project.

if you didn’t make it to the concert, i hope you can catch a glimpse of how amazing it was through some of these photos.  just know that as i was taking these photos, tears were rolling down my face.  i had to set my camera down more than once to just close my eyes and catch my breath.  these songs were that beautiful and that powerful…

after the concert was finished, we had a lovely reception to celebrate the accomplishments of jess & the band. hope you enjoy all the photos, and check out jess ray music online if you haven’t yet!

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These are amazing!

YOOOO!!! NANCE!!!! SICK PICS!!! Thanks for putting these up! Can you send me a good pic via email or something, so I can make it my PROFILE picture! Thanks!!

I spy my fav artist, Shelly Moore!

Oooo how can I get a hold of her album? So exciting!!

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