This will be one of my favorite sessions of all time.

Which is why it requires a little backstory…

Jess and I have been best of friends since I was in 10th grade and she was in 9th. Maybe earlier now that I think about it. Jess, Heather, myself and Sam because the 4 best girlfriends you could imagine. We called (and still call) ourselves “The Minkies.” We spent the night at each others’ houses throughout high school, we went to movies together, we sang together, we wrote music together, we even formed a band and made 2 CD’s together! The night before we left for college, we had a huge sleep over and cried our faces off and even created our own pair of “traveling pants” (true story) to keep us tied together.

We all grew up through the college years, and one by one, we started getting married. I was first (marrying Will at the wee age of 21!), then Heather the next year, then Sam a couple years after that.

We were all bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, singing in each other’s weddings, celebrating the love that we all dreamt of having for so many years.

Jess stayed single all those years, supporting us and loving us, growing her music career, worshiping, becoming an auntie to my girls (yes, I married her older brother! And Sam married her younger brother! Our life is nuts and wonderful!) And all the while I had “Jess’s husband” written on my prayer wall because I KNEW he was out there, and God was holding out for someone so great for her.

In the beginning of THIS year, they were kind of dating-ish. In April, they got serious. In August, they got ENGAGED! And this past weekend of November, they got MARRIED! Can you EVEN? God is so good.

These two are literally perfect for each other. Both musicians, both crazy in love with Jesus, both hipsters with unique style and lots of joy, both crazy about each other. I just really love them.

And to anyone who might be reading this blog in the season of waiting, keep waiting. God is good and He has the perfect plan for you, too.

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This is an absolutely beautiful testament to the faithfulness of God! He is ever at work behind the scenes, writing the best stories :)

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