well, i am sitting here on my couch, back at home.  my  mind is seriously soaring with everything i have learned this past week. life.  business.  photography.  relationships.  organization.  love.  people.  priorities.  lovemark.  courage.  confidence.  vendors.  weddings.  fresh flowers.  timers.  lights.  lenses.  beauty.  encouragement.  love affair.  i am so thankful.




the last evening of love affair was breathtaking.  i hope you can understand how beautiful it was.  the ladies of love affair had a surprise for us, and told us to meet them in the lobby at 7.  we all dressed up, grabbed our cameras, and arrived.  they led us upstairs to the 2nd floor, and this is what we saw:





leave it to joy thigpen to design such a wonderful event!  after we ate a fabulous dinner, they called our attention for the last time.  kelly, davina, millie & lauren thanked us for coming and enjoying such an amazing week.  they rewarded us with massages & manicures for all!  not even kidding!



so to all you love affair ladies… thank you for a wonderful week.  each of you made this week what is was, and i am so thankful for you!

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