How We Do it: I’m sick!

So sorry to disappoint, but the Organization in Work post is officially postponed because of some terrible illness that has taken over.

And because it’s a GOOD one, I don’t want to shortchange you and share something that is not up to my standard. Because I want this to be valuable and helpful!

So this has been me this weekend and Monday: Fever for 3 days straight, not sure if it’s the flu or something else (NC is out of flu tests statewide! Crazy!)… but I am down for the count.

Writing this little post has my head spinning, but I couldn’t leave you hanging! So stay tuned. Emily and I have decided to postpone this post until next Tuesday.

In the meantime, enjoy our two very different posts and approaches on Organization in our Personal Lives. I found it fascinating how we tackled two totally different topics, and I kind of loved it!

Emily’s Organization in Personal Life
Nancy’s Organization in Personal Life

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