PHOTOGRAPHERS! Do you want to learn how to shoot in film? Like anything else, it takes a new skill set and lots of practice. I thought it was nearly impossible to shoot my first roll of film, and I paid for a private mentor session with a film shooter to learn how! I want to make it MUCH easier for you.


If you want a STEP BY STEP guide to shooting your first roll of film, simply click this link! You’ll receive A FREE PDF describing how to shoot your first roll of film on a Contax 645 in detail!

1. How to roll film
2. How to meter for your shot
3. How to Shoot
4. How to Unload the Film
5. Sending your Film to a lab


And if you want to see a LIVE demo of me shooting, and ask me questions all about film photography, DON’T MISS this FREE training I’m doing next week! Two classes, two different days. Hope to see you there!


I can’t wait to see this course

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