I think we would all be lying if we said it wouldn’t be exciting to have your wedding featured on a lovely blog or in a magazine! There is so much hard work and planning that goes into making your big day happen, so when a wedding publication loves what you created for your wedding day just as much as you do, you can’t help but get excited.

While getting your wedding featured is never a guarantee, there are definitely some tips and tricks you can do to help better your chances of having your wedding featured on a blog or in a wedding magazine. There are so many resources out their for inspiration and ideas as a bride plans her wedding and we love when we get to see a couple’s beautiful day help encourage another couple on their wedding planning journey!

Tip number one: Tell your wedding photographer that you would like your wedding to potentially be submitted for a feature or publication.

Talking through this with your photographer ahead of time is important because this allows them to shoot specifically with that in mind. Look through lots of wedding blogs and magazines and if you feel your wedding might be a great fit for a specific blog or publication let your photographer know. While they may suggest some other places to submit to as well, some wedding publications are specific with what images they want or need so if you have a certain wedding magazine in mind, this will help them shoot with that in mind.


Tip number two: Prepare your details ahead of time.

Regardless of publication and feature purposes, we always ask brides to prepare their details prior to their wedding day and put them in a box or set them apart so your photographer can easily grab them on your wedding day and photograph them.
Some details I would suggest to have prepared are:
-Invitation suite (include all pieces and a calligraphed envelop if possible!)
-Wedding dress and veil
-Your something borrowed, blue, and new
-Bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts
-Guy’s cufflinks, tie, bowtie, or suspenders

Tip number three: Create space in your timeline for your photographer to photograph your details.

When you create your timeline with your photographer discuss time allotted for detail shots. Allowing extra time for your photographer to style and photograph your detail shots will give them space to not feel rushed and ensure the best detail images.


Tip number four: Don’t allow a possible feature to dictate your wedding.

Because there is no guarantee for an online feature or publication, it is so important to plan your wedding around the details you love and are beautiful to you and your soon to be husband! Getting your wedding featured isn’t important if you look back on the images and they don’t reflect you and your husband.

Tip number five: Don’t set your expectations too high.

While there are lots and lots of wedding blogs and publications, there are still far more weddings than there are feature opportunities. With that being said, know that regardless of whether your wedding gets featured or not, it is still incredibly special. The people that came from all over and the meaning behind your wedding day far outweighs a feature. While there may have been a surplus of weddings for the publications to choose from, your day was unique to you and your groom and that in itself is incredibly special! There is also no promise that your wedding will be featured. Even when you feel that you had all the best details, vendors, and images in the world, it is ultimately up to the publication to decide what they are specifically looking for. So don’t let this get to you if your wedding is not chosen. You still got to marry your best friend, after all!

Bonus Tips:
-If you have time and the budget allows, include some paper or backdrop options that your photographer can use for your detail shots. A great resource for this is Paper Source; stick with neutrals and you will have backdrops that can be versatile and add an extra pop to your details!
-Ask your florist to leave a few extra flowers and greenery behind for your photographer to use with detail shots as well!
-Clean your rings before your wedding…you are going to want those diamonds to be extra sparkly!

We hope this helps you as you are planning your wedding and hoping for a possible feature. Always remember that your wedding day will be wonderful as long as it is the perfect reflection of you and your spouse!

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