After nine long months of wedding planning, house renovations and major life changes, I could not be more excited to jet set to the beautiful caribbean island of Antigua with my wonderful husband. Our wedding weekend was truly the best weekend of our lives, but what was even more wonderful was just being together away from all the hustle and bustle of normal life. We had no one to attend to, no emails or work, and no distractions. Our honeymoon week was about Callie and Jamie and our marriage.


We stayed at the amazing Coco Bay Resort, which we would highly recommend and can’t wait to visit again. When planning our honeymoon, we realized that we definitely wanted an all-inclusive resort, but we didn’t want some huge resort where we felt lost. Coco Bay was the perfect place for us. Our cottage was exactly what we had hoped for and the staff was incredible!

I learned on this trip the importance and sweetness of a honeymoon, whether it is to a beautiful caribbean island for a whole week or a couple of nights at a local bed & breakfast. After our amazing experience, Jamie and I would recommend these four things when planning for your honeymoon:


1. Go on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding

To some this may be a no brainer, but to those of you who believe you can’t make it work with scheduling and other conflicts, we would tell you to do everything you can to try and make it work. Here’s why: We believe that this is a vital time to get away, relax, rest and recharge before you come back as a married couple to your normal lives. The time that we shared and enjoyed together on our honeymoon was so necessary and has established a strong foundation in our marriage so far.


2. Plan accordingly for flights

Because there is only one flight a day to Antigua and it so happened to be a 7:00am flight, Jamie and I decided to leave for our honeymoon on Monday instead of leaving the morning after our wedding. This turned out to be one of the greatest blessings because we were able to sleep in and enjoy our morning together instead of getting minimal sleep and being grumpy on our first day of marriage. Your first thought may be that it doesn’t matter and you’ll just want to get to that caribbean island (this was my thought), but I am so glad that we had this extra day and the extra sleep after our wedding.


3. Plan it together 

In the beginning of our engagement, I was all about having Jamie plan our whole honeymoon so that it would be a surprise to me. Here’s why I am so glad that we decided against it: If you haven’t been on or planned a trip together, you will quickly realize that if you don’t communicate thoroughly about your expectations of the trip, you will find out that they could be quite different. (Ours were!) We had so much fun planning our trip together and talking about how much we were looking forward to it when wedding planning got frustrating.


4. Plan to do nothing

When planning your trip, we would recommend not planning any activities beforehand. You really won’t know what you want to do or feel like doing until you get there and honestly, Jamie and I did nothing. As we sat by the beach and pool everyday reading and relaxing, we laughed about the answer that we would tell people when they asked what we did: nothing. But nothing is exactly what we needed. We needed to be bored, read a good book and lay in the sun for countless hours. We needed to eat good food, laugh a lot and have meaningful conversations.


If you are planning to go on your honeymoon, have a blast! Take advantage of every minute together with your new husband and enjoy the time away from distractions. Focus on each other, focus on relaxing and focus on the meaning of marriage!

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I meant to read this post before Kevin & I headed to our honeymoon this past week, but after reading I feel so great knowing we did all of the exact same things!!! Left Monday, did nothing, planned together. It was so amazing. So thankful for you & Elizabeth and we cannot WAIT to see our pictures!!!!!! :-) :-)

These tips are spot on; thanks for sharing! And your pictures are all just breath-taking!!

Jasmine Marciniak

We went to the same exact place for our honeymoon two years ago and looks like we stayed in the same bungalow :) My favorite part was they didn’t have any technology there so you could truly focus on your new spouse. I would recommend Coco Bay to anyone!!

Callie – I totally agree with all of your points! My husband and I got married last year and had a very similar honeymoon experience. (That we still talk about all the time)

It made it so much easier to come home and start “real life.” So excited for you as you enjoy your first married summer. I still remember just sitting down and watching TV together, thinking it was the best thing in the whole world.

Gorgeous photos! And I love those tips! My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon right now and plan to take a similar tropical vacation at an all inclusive. Love your take on “doing nothing”. That’s exactly what we want to do as well. This gets me excited for it to come!

This is wonderful, Callie! Love your pictures, and this makes me even more excited for ours!

Love these tips, Callie!! Definitely saving this to refer to when Dave and I start planning our honeymoon!

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