well everyone, this is it!  i am excited to introduce to you my new blog.  fancy, isn’t it?  i don’t know about you, but i love the world of blogging.  i have been excitedly awaiting this brand new blog for a while now, and i am so excited to introduce her to you.  so change your old linkies to the new one:

to kick off this fun and fancy treat i am going to

  • blog for 100 days straight! you got it… every single day for 100 days this blog will be updated. oh yes.
  • have a lovely little giveaway – $20 giftcard to TARGET!    

to participate, you must leave a comment on this blogpost including 1. one thing/place/person you would like me to blog about in the near future aaand 2. your favorite blogpost from my old blog.

i won’t choose a winner until one week later, so your chances will be increased if you comment on my following blogposts as well.  (only one comment per post, please!)

happy reading, and thanks for stopping by!

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[…] ago, trying to set up this little wordpress blog and upload pictures and understand it all. I did 100 days of blogging in a row, I shared EVERYTHING about my life here. I blogged way too many photos, too many words, […]


I like Your site. It is very interesting. Do You have RSS I want to add to my favorites.
Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.
see You Szczecin Hotele

New web page/blog looks amazing! Will your blog allow subscribers? I usually subscribe to blogs through google and then view updates in my reader…if not I’ll just keep checking in here

Hi Nancy! Congratulations on the new blog, the new logo, and the updated website! I am so excited for you to be growing your business, especially since you will help preserve the memories I can’t wait to make on my wedding day next year! My favorite post from your old blog would have to be the one you posted on Feb. 2, 2009: A Few Thoughts from a Recent Bride. I would love to see a post in your new blog about where you see yourself personally and professionally in five years. :)

Nancy, you are such a precious, beautiful light. I just found your new blog and it is a so very you!. I would love to see a post about what you find inspiring about living in Boone and I loved the pics of Harper on your old blog. You = Fresh!

Nance! I agree with Megan, loving the new blog, as well as the idea of a free target gift card!

1. I think you should write about your long term future goals. I always enjoy reading your monthly goals, but it is also enjoyable to know where you and will are headed long term. I would love the mutual encouragement anyhow.

2. the blogpost on me…. lol. is that ok to say?

love yah girly! Hope this new blogging goes well!

I love you and your work! Not only is your work amazing, but you are so comfortable to work with and you make the process so enjoyable! I have 3 favorites: #1- Mary Lindsey’s last maternity session.. totally adorable! #2- My maternity session.. I will cherish them forever! #3- My family’s session.. thank you for capturing those special moments! I love your blog in general, you are so entertaining! ;o)

I absolutely love you blog. Your photography skills are outstanding. I liked Mary Lindsey’s pics on your other blog and I would like to see a blog about her babies when they are born.

Ryan & Reba Miller

We would like you to blog about the triplets in the future and our favorite part from the old website blogs was the family photo sessions at Mistletoe!

Ryan & Reba :)

Jessica Johnson Pace

Love the new blog Nancy, I am already following it from mine. So a post I am looking forward to would be with the new baby triplets your sister is due with. And I loved all your photo posts from your old blog, but especially the maternity session with Joy cause it just showed her glow amazingly.

Nancy Ray,
You are a photographic genius and I’ll sing your praises every day!!! My (two) favorite posts from your other site were (of course!!) my family’s Christmas pictures and most recently, the gorgeous pictures of my beautiful Kellan awaiting her beautiful daughter, Aubrey!! But to tell the truth, I look at your pictures just to enjoy your gift. Thank you for sharing that gift with all of us.
Kathi Minguez

Nancy, I love reading blogs probably as much as you love blogging. So, I’ve been keeping up with yours ever since I saw it on your facebook. And, because I LOVE your photography! :) I love the new blog!
The place I would like for you to blog about (since that’s one place we have in common) is Elon! Maybe you even have some pictures from your year there. It can not be denied that Elon’s campus is gorgeous!
My favorite blog from your previous blog is the session you did of your sister. You took beautiful pictures of a woman radiating with the joy of pregnancy! I’ve since been keeping up with her blog as well! :)
Can’t wait to read the new blogs and see more pics! One day I will hopefully book you to photograph my engagement/wedding/pregnancies/family!

Nancy, I absolutely love the new blog. I thoroughly enjoyed finding it and seeing a picture of the men in my wedding. One thing I would love to hear is your list of books you recommend for newly married couples. You had a great engagement list you shared with me and I know you have new ones from this last year. My favorite post from recently was the maternity shots of your sister, Mary Lindsay. They were beautiful and captured everything so well. Not to be biased but I loved the engagement and wedding post on our wedding!! Love, kristen

LOVE the blog. Really sleek. Really nice.

Oh and I forgot to enter my two things:

Okay, I would like for you to blog about how you got into photography, what inspired you and the steps you took to getting this far. I’m slowly getting into photography and I’m interested in how you have come this far so fast!! You’re great at it!

My favorite post from the last blog is the one with your sister’s prego pics! They were adorable!

Sorry to write two posts… I know you asked for people not to!

I don’t even remember now how I found your blog but I really enjoy it. I actually don’t know you, but I know your husband and his family. (I actually babysat him and his brother and sister one summer). I’m Sheri MacLean and my husband is Brett, who grew up at North Ridge Alliance. (Will’s parents would know us if he doesn’t). We’re in Mali, West Africa now working at a hospital so I’m not posting to win the contest but I must say all your pictures are beautiful! (I loved seeing your post of when you were in Charleston, SC since that’s where we used to live!)

Oh my goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog and logo. It just fits you perfectly, I know you are so happy with it!!

I went to school with your brother at NRCA. I love your blog and have been keeping up with it for over a year! You’re such a great photographer and I love your work!

YAAAAAYYYYY NANCY! You are amazing. Your new blog is beauuutiful. And because I would do anything for a Target gift card, I will say:

1. I would love a blog post on the thing(s) that has/have been the most helpful for your photography business so far (product, business strategy, etc!) I’m trying to figure all that stuff out, and businessy things do not come naturally to this girl.
2. I loved the Ashley and RJ wedding post. I had to go back and find it. But those photos are just breathtaking. I love the location!

YAY for your new blog and logo!

Congratulations, Nancy. Blogging every day must be a lot of work. I look forward to reading it. Max

First of all, LOVE THE NEW BLOG & LOGO!!!!! I feel weird to participate in the contest… am I allowed, since I’m family? I will wait to hear from you before I do. :-) Just wanted you to know that I thought the new blog is BEAUTIFUL!

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!