It’s tradition for us to make a “Thankful List” each year at Thanksgiving. If you let it, gratitude can change you.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” — Thornton Wilder

Nancy’s Thankful List

– My Savior, Jesus
– The hope of heaven
– Scripture. The truth and life changing power of it. The people who wrote it down so we could have it.
– My incredible husband, who loves me and serves me and cares for me. He’s a man, he stands for truth, he’s not a pushover. He loves Jesus more than anything, he gives his very best at every project big or small, he loves teaching others, he loves life. Goodness I’m so thankful for him.
– A full pantry
– Being debt free (& Dave Ramsey’s ministry who taught us how to do it)
– My photography business
– My amazing clients
My husband’s business in financial coaching
– Winston the dane!
Our little one
– My health, my family’s health
– The things money can’t buy that are truly the best things
– My Mama – her encouragement and constant support and communication. I don’t know where I would be without her.
– Morning coffee
– That I know how to read and write
– Authors of good books
– Technology – living in 2014 and all that comes with that
– Clean water, hot water
– An encouraging Dad who is an amazing example to me
– Leslie, who constantly serves and takes care of others
– Christmas music
– Holiday traditions, surrounded by family
– Aunt Becky’s Thanksgiving treats
– That Will’s grandparents are doing so well (and are here to meet their first great grandchild)
My sister – especially our laugh-until-we-cry moments!
– My brother in law Chris who loves the Lord and cares for his big family so well
Family that doesn’t hold back, but lives fully and listens to God’s adventurous plans
– Candles
– Bonfires and smores
– My brother – his love for his family, his service to our country, his sense of humor
– My sister in law Meghan who is passionate and true to herself
– Fasting and feasting
– Good sleep
– Adventures and game nights with my little bro and sis, Ryan and Reba
– Easy and available transportation
Jess’ music
– My nieces and nephews: Kyler, Niko, Harper, Warner, Maverick, Crews, and Haven
– The Minkies – my 4 best friends on earth
– The gift of music, and how Will and I both grew up in musical families
– More than enough clothes
– Heat and AC
– Our bed
– That I haven’t had morning sickness
– Our church
– Our sweet little town home and neighborhood that I love
– This country that we live in
– The legacy of Papa and Mama Dot in my life
– Freedom
– Living in the great state of North Carolina
– Callie, how she encourages me, how hard she works, how she is one of my closest friends
– Prayer
– Encouraging and sharpening friendships
– My tervis
– Running, and my ability to run
– Seasons of life
– Elizabeth – her love and adoration for family and tradition, her relaxed personality that is an example to me, her love for the small things in life
– Entrepreneurship
– Shark Tank, 24, and other favorite shows that we like to unwind to
– Naps
– Mission trips
– The Bridge Youth group and how they’ve impacted me
– My sweet mother-in-love who is the greatest prayer warrior I know
– Christmas lights in our neighborhood
– All of our cousins! Love our family – Will’s side and mine
– Tom, my father in law, who treasures his kids and works hard
– Cameras, lenses, photography – the gift that it is
– Raleigh
– Bluebell Ice cream
– Organization
– Contentment
– Opportunity for growth all around me
– The love and support I have from family and friends



So what are you thankful for? Leave 1 thing you are thankful for in the comments!

Also, I had to share this beautiful print by my friend Lindsay! It’s a Thanksgiving favorite!

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Happy belated Thanksgiving, Nancy! I’m thankful for quiet weekends, celebrations with family, and the season of life I’m walking in right now.

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy! I am most thankful that I am able to walk through this life with our Lord and be guided by the closeness of the Holy Spirit.

We are so glad you are here!

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