Hi Friends,

Will here, Nancy’s husband.  I’ve hacked the blog briefly to wish Nancy a HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!  Her birthday is today, New Year’s Eve, and we always joke that the whole world celebrates her special day.

I am so thankful for her.  She is such an inspiration, blessing, encouragement, and pleasure to have in my life!  She is my #1 cheerleader, someone who challenges me to be a greater person, my only teammate for life, and so much fun!  She’s a great mommy to Winston, an awesome “Aunt Nancy” to 7 nices and nephews, a prayer warrior, and an amazing woman of God.  She is the Bridge Youth Ministry’s #1 volunteer, and she is fierce in her devotion to her church, family, and friends.

Thanks for being a part of her life!  Last year we had a big party called the “Musache Bash!” :

This year, we get to celebrate with these special people, plus one, whom you’ll get to meet in a few days:

I’d appreciate it if you’d be so inclined to leave her some birthday love in the comments!  Happiest New Year to you all!


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Happy belated birthday, Nancy! I hope it was memorable and you did something you love! What a sweet husband you have! Btw – my husband’s birthday is on July 4th. His older brother always told him the fireworks were for his birthday, and my husband believed him for quite a few years.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wish I knew you in person and not just through your blog. I think we would be great friends. I celebrated New Years, but I DEF would have had a toast to you on that day if I had known. Happy Birthday!!!!!

[…] holidays. And not just because New Year's Eve is my birthday, which is super fun. (By the way – my husband is the sweetest. I love you so much William Ray. You made me cry.) I love New Year's Day because the world stops. […]

Happy Birthday Nancy! I cannot wait to meet you in 30 days!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Nancy!!

Happy Birthday, Nancy! I love your work and hope that you have a fantastic year doing what you love!

Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration. I hope you had an amazing birthday and an incredible start to the new year!

Happy Birthday to an inspiring photographer! :)

Happy Birthday Nancy! I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day.

Wish you happy birthday and Happy new year 2012 :-)

Happy Birthday, Nancy! How fantastic that the whole world celebrates with you!

Happy birthday dearest friend! I love you and can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Yay B&L 2012! Xoxo Caroline

Happy Birthday, Nancy! I hope you have had an absolutely spectacular day!

Shannon Lewallen and Ryan Colvin

Happy Birthday, Nancy!!!

happiest of birthdays dearest nancy!
You have a wonderful husband! Thanks, Will for sharing these sweet words about one of our favorite people! I hope to meet you two one day!! God Bless, Happy New Year, and Roll Tide!

With Love from Bama –

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