Today marks 8 years.

Do you remember how young we were?
Do you remember how I literally didn’t stop crying the entire ceremony?
Do you remember how we didn’t eat anything at our reception because we kept talking to everyone?
Do you remember how it rained? And how we didn’t even care because we were so happy to be with each other?
Do you remember your buzzed head and my long hair?
Do you remember how late we slept the next day?

That day seems so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday. It’s crazy how that is.
And I must say – I like the way we look now so much better.

We’ve aged, we’ve loved, and now we have a little one.
Life is good. God is so, so good.

Thank you for loving me so well these past 8 years. Here’s to many, many more! I love you.



Images by the amazing Elizabeth Tate. You can see the full post here

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Happy anniversary. What a beautiful family. Yes, God is good.

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