I was so excited to finally photograph this sweet baby girl. Jen and I had emailed a few times before her little one was born and it was through that communication we realized we were basically neighbors! Funny story: I actually met them weeks before their baby girl was born when they were on a walk in front of our home! We also take class at the same fitness studio and it’s been so fun to see Jen early mornings a few times a week! But back to little Hampton! She was a total dream to capture and her nursery was definitely one of the best rooms in the house! Her mama has incredible taste! The white wicker bassinet had been passed down through multiple generations and I’m pretty sure she was the 14th child to use it! Isn’t that amazing? During our session Jen snapped an Iphone pic to send to her grandma and she was so thrilled to see another newborn taking her turn in this family heirloom. Cue the tears! Stephenson Family – y’all were the most fun to work with! Hampton has such a gift to have parents like you. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this special time in your lives.

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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