Oh I love these sweet friends! Graham and Sam are gifted photographers and friends in Chapel Hill, and earlier this year they took photos of us for our 5th anniversary. Now it was our turn! We decided to do a 100% film photography swap, and it was so much fun. Because we are both artists, we allowed the other full permission to do whatever the other one wanted. We trusted each other, which made it really laid back and fun.  I met them early one morning, and we took all of these photos in and around their home. I loved all the space and greenery we had to choose from! It was so lovely. They are expecting their little one to arrive really any day now…. due on December 5th. I can’t wait to meet Baby T!


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So sweet! I love all of them, but one of my favorites is Bolo with the stick :)

So beautiful! Love all of these, especially in all film!

Such sweet images Nancy! So happy for Sam and Graham!

Nancy, we can’t thank you enough! We love these and are truly grateful for such beautiful images to remember this exciting season in our lives! We can’t wait for our sweet boy to meet you soon! xoxo

We are so glad you are here!

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