Continuing our series on the NRP team… it’s time to get to know Will! I’m pretty biased, but he’s definitely the cutest team member in my book. He’s the co-owner of Nancy Ray Photography, my second shooter, and my all around business finances guy. (CFO, if you will.) If you have any questions for him, feel free to leave a comment below!
Photos by Eric Kelley 


What is your favorite part or moment in a wedding?
I’d have to say it’s the moment that the groom sees his bride for the first time, whether that’s coming down the aisle or in a first look.  You never know if he’s going to cry, laugh, or have the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

Where is your favorite place that you have visited so far?
British Virgin Islands – Nancy and I went there for our honeymoon.

What is your favorite summer activity?
Being on the lake for a long weekend, skiing and enjoying the water.

What is your favorite book and why?
The Bible, duh.  Aside from that, probably Manvotionals, which is a book of essays, poems, and speeches compiled by Brett McKay, founder of

Who was your favorite music group or artist when you were in high school?
Probably Dave Matthews Band.  Loved them.  Still do, just not in a crazy way.

Something interesting you might not know about me is…
I like playing video games when I have free time, which is rare.  Assassin’s Creed, all the way.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
Coffee, then maybe an apple or some other fruit.

What is your favorite chip flavor?
Sea salt and cracked pepper.

What are you thankful for today?
Thankful for a comfortable home and this sweet doggy laying beside me.

What makes you laugh?
Dry humor, and the show Wipeout. 

Do you have any nicknames?
I’ve been called just about any derivative of “Will” or “William” that you can think of.

If you could be one color in the Crayola box, which one would it be?

When I was younger, I dressed up as a The Tinman for Halloween.


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