Hi!  I’m Jen, Family Photographer and occasional second shooter at NRP.  I’m married to my husband, Aaron, and together we have 3 children ages 9, 7 and 5.  We have 2 dogs, a handful of chickens, and my daughter would want you to know that we have a beta fish as well.  We live in our renovated 1940’s home in Raleigh, and pictures fill our walls, tables and shelves.  I love the way an image captures a moment, but is also the beginning of a story.  There are fingerprints all over the glass in those frames from hands pointing and asking to hear.  To hear about moments they were never a part of, or to hear what they were a part of but don’t remember.  And I absolutely love the privilege of behind the camera capturing those moments for others, too.  It’s a true honor to be part of telling someone else’s story for generations to come.

Katie, Mom of 3

Family pictures with three little kids can be absolute chaos. However, Jen somehow turned chaos into magic. Our photos are not only incredible, but reflect the personalities and essence of our family. We couldn’t be more thrilled!


If I could describe working with Jen in one word it would be fun! Also, easy. So -two words :) Jen made things so pleasant and easy for us. My husband hates having his picture taken and he didn’t even mind this shoot! Jen picked a beautiful spot in the park and made us laugh the whole time. Great experience!