1. You do not become someone different when you get engaged.

I remember thinking before I got engaged, that once it happened I would be so on top of my game and everything would fall into place so smoothly. That definitely did not happen. I was a stressed bundle of mess, and if it weren’t for my wonderful mom who took over as I finished school or my sweet fiancé who talked me off many ledges, I am not sure where I would be. After Andrew proposed it was also still Andrew and I, we didn’t become two new people, we were still those same goofy, high school sweethearts, who are trying to keep it together. This, however, has been the sweetest gift. As this season has progressed we have grown together and I have fallen more in love with Andrew than I thought possible. Through my stressed mess he has continued to put me first, and encouraged me as we race the good race together.

2. Cling to the Word.

Your wedding is just a day, a very special day, but still just a day. Keep your focus on the beauty of committing yourself whole heartedly to your best friend, in front of all your family and friends, and the image of Christ that this joining is. Our prayer is that through our wedding day, it is evident that Andrew and I are able to do this, because of the Love we have from our Savior. Remember this, and your day will be wonderful, regardless!



I put this in all caps because I mean it. I heard this a lot before getting engaged, but it wasn’t until I was in this season that I saw the value of it. I so encourage those who are engaged or thinking about getting engaged, to do pre marital counseling together. It is vital and has opened the door for so many conversations with Andrew and I. While we still have a lot of learning to do as we enter marriage, we feel equipped with scripture and prayer to enter our marriage with clear eyes and hearts desiring to please the Lord first and our spouse second.

4. Wedding planning is emotional.

I am pretty sure I have felt every emotion in all of the best ways over these past ten months. I cannot say thank you enough to Andrew for validating my emotions, talking me through situations, and praying fervently for me. He has always been sweetly protective over me, but in these last ten months I have watched as he has begun protecting my feelings, telling me I am justified in the stress, but praying with me through it as we make big and little decisions.


5. Do not wish this season away.

I am certainly ready to be married and enjoy a week away with my new HUSBAND, but this season has been sweet and full of growing and learning. Engaged friends, soak up this season, it only comes once and is such a beautiful time of preparation for your heart!

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