I am so grateful for my experience with Making Things Happen. I’m inspired as I simply read through my journal, refocusing my life on what’s important. If you haven’t yet, take the Challenge. Really, it will change your life! It has changed mine for the better.

Today’s post is simple, and it might be my favorite. It’s all about what fires me up most in life – the things that get me excited more than anything! So often we don’t let ourselves have these things, or “life” gets in the way of us experiencing them on a daily basis. It’s time to list out what fires you up, then make them happen! Include what fires you up as a daily part of your life. Since MTH, I’ve been waking up earlier, shopping at local produce stands, taking the time to get organized, filling my home with fresh flowers, lit candles & open windows, I’ve been journaling, reading, and encouraging others more than ever. And my life is fuller because of it. Here it is, an ever-growing list of what fires me up.

So, my final MTH challenge is for you to make this list. What fires you up? What makes you feel the most alive? What are the simple things in life that bring you joy?  Now go make them happen!

I’ll close this Making Things Happen series with some of my photos from that day.  So blessed to be a part of it!

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Nancy, I love reading about what fires you up! It has been a joy keeping up with your MTH posts each week and I am so inspired by you! Thank you for sharing so much with us and your personal experience with how the program has changed you. Have a blessed day!

I did MTH Spring Tour this year, but needed a kick in the bum to remind me to get back to basics and write out this list. But I also wanted to say that I love the last photo of Gina, Emily, and Lara – it’s just so ‘them’.

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