We used to dream about the day we paid off our house. We always knew we wanted to celebrate in style, and that’s exactly what we did!  We documented this day that was so special to us – I hope you enjoy!

First, we went into the bank to turn in our final payment. We were super excited if you can’t tell by the photos. (Nerd alert!)

When we walked out of the bank, I was skipping and jumping through the parking lot with excitement! A random parking-lot guy looked over at us and yelled, “What are they doing? Giving away money in there?” It definitely gave us a good laugh!

Next, we went to Panera, followed by a trip to the  movies.  Usually when we go to Panera, we split something and get water. This time, we got exactly what we wanted!

At the movies, we ordered a large popcorn and a large drink . (Hello free refills!) Usually we sneak snacks and water bottles into the theater in my purse to save money. This was definitely a big splurge for us! (I may or may not have made my self sick with popcorn. It was awesome.)

Then we went home, took Winston on a walk, and dreamed about the future. Proof that money doesn’t = happiness. This was one of my favorite parts of the day.

We were thrilled to treat ourselves to an amazing date night. Off to the Angus Barn we went!
(Top left photo at Panera from earlier that day; Other photos at the Angus Barn)

We came home on cloud 9, and after I cried my eyes out at dinner (overwhelmed with gratitude), we crossed off the last bubble on our Baby Step 6 debt wall. It’s still up on our wall today, reminding us of all we’ve accomplished.

I’ll be concluding this series tomorrow. Stay tuned for an exciting post full of financial resources for you!

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Nancy, Can I ask what the numbers are? My best guess is that those are the last 7 thousand owed on the house, and you marked them off as you paid? Just curious! Love the visual reminder in front of you all the time!

Thank you! Thank you for reminding me what my husband & I are currently battling for! Thank you for being so vulnerable & honest. Thank you for being ‘different’ in this society. Just thank you!

Yessssssssss!!! This post cracks me up and delights me! :)

I am loving your Financial Freedom series; so inspiring. What are the numbers down the side of your wall? Did you divide the steps into half steps?

I love it! I’m so inspired by you. We are doing a written budget now. I’ve listened to Dave for a while, but never did a budget. Seriously. Can you believe that!!!? This year is differnt and I’m in gazelle mode.

Yippee-ki-ay! Yee-haw! Woohoo!!! Yay for being DEBT FREE and being able to cross off that last bubble!

Nancy – Thank you so much for posting on your financial journey. Like so many, I truly appreciate your honesty as you have shared the good and the bad of your experience. Each post has been extremely thought-provoking and has already led to me to make a few changes. I look forward to spending more concentrated time this weekend planning and goal-setting. Thank you for sharing more about you, the true person behind the camera!

So happy for you guys! Can’t wait for tomorrows post! : )

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