This month, we celebrate marriage!

– In the Book Club, we’re reading His Needs Her Needs – my favorite book on marriage.
– At NRP, we will be sharing our marriage advice here on the blog (the day after Valentine’s Day) and sharing our Valentine’s Day traditions in Team Meeting
– And in my own life, we celebrate OUR marriage, our ups and downs, the commitment we made, and the good man God has given me.

I’m keeping it simple but intentional. We’ll go on a date for Valentine’s Day, I’ll surprise Will with a gift (I have some fun things in mind!), and we’ll pull out our wedding DVD (which we haven’t watched in ages). We also have been wanting to have a “10 year plan” conversation. It overwhelms me and excites me to think about all that we want to do as a family these next 10 years. Vacations we want to take. Memories we want to make. What we want to say yes to. What we want to say no to. Dreams. More kiddos. I’ve said it before – I am super excited about my 30’s. (You are welcome to borrow that topic of conversation for your Valentine’s date night, too!)

February Goals

– Read His Needs Her Needs
– Read 140 pages of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Y’all. This book is SO good.)
– Write the Contentment Challenge Guide and Devotional
– Go on a hot Valentine’s Date with the hubs
– Finalize content for 3 Products for the Nancy Ray Shop
– Continue Weekly Sabbaths
– Continue Family Dinners 2x/week
– Hire a Nanny!
– Schedule NRP Team Lunches
– Attend my first C12 group of the year
– Implement NRP Scorecards
– Continue training for a Half Marathon

What marriage has had the biggest impact on your life?

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My parents’ marriage has been a blessing to watch over the years. They have encountered all kinds of challenges and crazy life events with grace and a sense of humor, always. I’ve been catching up on the NRP Book Club and can’t wait to jump into His Needs, Her Needs this month! ❤️

I just found your book club and I love the idea of it, not to mention this book looks amazing. If I don’t win it I will definitely be buying it. The most influential marriage would have to be my grandparents. Not for the fact they have been married for over 50 years but because of the way they still talk about each other. I heard my grandpa say over the holidays that, “she is his everything and he wouldn’t know what to do without her”. I feel like you can get so caught up being mad or whatever at your spouse and start bashing them to whoever will listen. It’s so important to only speak good things about your spouse not only around others for their perception but also for your own.

Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!!

Hi Nancy,

I also jumped on your Periscope today to follow along. I’ve been wanting to participate in your book club but I’m on a book-buying fast this year and so am just taking the opportunity to follow along via Periscope and learn from your Friday check-ins, but I would definitely love the opportunity to have a copy in my hands :) In terms of marriages, I’ll be honest in that growing up I saw very few (if any) around me that made me feel that marriage was something I wanted in my life–and held fast to that claim through my teens and most of my 20s. But by nothing short of the grace of God, I got married this past November and am hoping and praying that we can live out a marriage that is strong, healthy and encourages others in a way that I never saw/had growing up. I was just thinking this morning that it is truly amazing — this connected world we live in — that I can take a quick break from work and jump on my phone to be encouraged in my marriage and relationships via Periscope. It’s pretty amazing, right? Thanks for leading such a great book club!

I definitely would have to say that my parents marriage has had the most impact on mine. They were married for almost 40 years before my mom passed away. I love thinking about their kind of love. They weren’t particularly lovey dovey, but knew what they enjoyed doing together and did it. Two of my favorite things they did together are sing hymns and read to each other. My husband and I have only been married for 2 years and I love learning and figuring out the things that we like to do together.

I came across your periscope this morning and I feel really inspired to practice some of what you talked about. I also really want to read His Needs, Her Needs now. Would love to win a copy!

Thanks for your sweet inspiration on this cold Friday morning :)

The marriage that has made the most impact on me was that of my grandparents. They were married for 65 years (before my grandfather passed away) and they were the picture of devotion.

I learned so much about serving your spouse from my grandfather- he was shy and reserved and my grandmother was a social butterfly. However he was always her biggest champion when it came to hosting people, he never complained and always made sure things ran seamlessly at every party, holiday or family get-to-gether.

It was so special to be able to watch them throughout their retirement and to see the way that they never settled in their relationship. They made a point to have their meals together, they took trips (big and small), they volunteered in their local community, and always joined one another in their hobbies.

They were each other’s biggest fans and displayed the importance of a christ-centered marriage!

So excited that I found you and absolutely love your blog and your vision!!

I would love to enter the book giveaway, after seeing your periscope and how you mentioned the preface it really made me excited about reading this book and how it could influence my marriage!

So I’m not going to lie and say that my parents marriage of 30 years (or any other marriage that’s lasted a long time) is the most influential marriage in my life. Though it is true that their marriage has impacted how I went into mine. The truth is, I am most impressed and influenced by my OWN marriage. I have seen how a marriage can hit complete rock bottom, where there feels like all hope is lost and there is no way out, and watch it change, grow, and flourish all with the help from Him. He has shown us our true beings, how He created us to be, and that itself has impacted our marriage exponentially. I’m not saying we’re perfect, we sure have a lot more to work on, but I have seen us go from complete sin to a loving and respectful marriage. He has restored us, and He alone.

Thanks for listening!!

Hey, Nancy!

First of all, I am so excited for your Contentment Challenge guide. I have told so many of my coaching clients to look you up related to that! :)

Second, thank you so much for doing the book club! It’s been so fun hanging out with you each Friday morning. :) And we have similar taste in books, so you picked a lot of my faves! 😉

Make it a great day in the Lord! :)

Oh, here are my goals by the way!

Would love to know if you use any “tools” or prompts to have a 10 year plan discussion, or whether it’s as simple as “what do we hope to accomplish/experience/celebrate together as a family in the coming 10 years?” My husband and I both turn 30 this year, and I think this would be an excellent conversation to have! Thanks, Nancy :-)

Hello Nancy! I just found your newsletter on Facebook! I subscribe to the Nancy Ray News but did not receive it this month! I always look forward to reading your goals posts. Coming to your blog is actually one of the first things I do on the first of each month! My grandparents marriage really impacted me growing up. They met as teenagers, and were happily in love with eachother for the rest of their lives. They had fun together and built a wonderful family. I met my boyfriend 4 years ago when we were only 19 and the two of us hope to spend our lives together like my grandparents (and his).

I also truly love getting glimpses into your life with Will! The two of you seem so happy. I love the way you encourage eachother! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

Also came from the newsletter — and a marriage that’s inspired me the most is probably Lara Casey’s. I married young (at 21) so I don’t have many friends around me who are married, and typically, Asian marriages (I live in Singapore) aren’t the most inspiring. My parents and my in-laws both have long marriages that weren’t very happy. Still praying for those.

But to me Lara’s marriage really showed me that marriage is all about growth. And change. Sometimes reluctant change, but change nonetheless. A lot of people say that you shouldn’t change to fit a relationship, but marriage-change is different. It’s a change you WANT to make TOGETHER to make the marriage stronger and more God-centred.

My husband was my first boyfriend and high school sweetheart. We’ve had our fair share of arguments, but also our fair share of great moments. As we’re still only 24, there’s lots to learn about marriage. I’ve just sent a sample of His Needs Her Needs and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality to my Kindle, so thanks for the recommendation.


My parents have been married for almost 35 years and they are the most in love couple I know. They are best friends and still make each other laugh like crazy. I pray my husband and I have a relationship like theirs in 30 years!

Marriage has most impacted me by showing how selfish of a person I can be. Marriage requires you to put yourself second; sacrificing everything for your spouse. It’s also impacted me by showing me everlasting love. A love that will last a lifetime because I have made a commitment to another being which is a gift only God could provide.

My parents have been married for 27 years. They still have puppy love like it’s the day they met. Very inspirational to me and my husband.

There are few things that excite me more than talking about the future – I’m not surprised we are friends :) I’m intrigued by the NRP scorecards, too!

Just got the newsletter in my email and read about the giveaway. I am following along with the book club even though I don’t have a copy of the book. I am so excited to eventually read this book on marriage and to listen in on the periscopes. The marriage that has impacted my life most is my parents’ marriage. Another one that is such an example to me, is a dear friend. She and her husband are open to whatever God has for them next. From foster care to church planting to helping their daughters through their teenage years….their home is open and they live the Gospel out! They do it all together and in the strength of the Lord rather than depending on each other’s strength.

We are so glad you are here!

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