This maternity session goes down as one of my favorites of all time. You’ll notice it’s a bit unusual, but that’s what makes it so beautiful! Just keep reading…

Will and English, one of the most genuine couples I’ve ever worked with, have the most amazing love story. We photographed their beautiful wedding back in 2012, and at that time I learned how their love story was much deeper and richer than I realized when I first met them. Early in their relationship, English had to have a double lung transplant, and Will stayed by her side in the hospital day and night. Although they were young (they had just graduated high school at the time), their love withstood the test of some seriously heavy challenges. Thankfully, English made a full recovery and is so vibrant and full of life today. Will brings out the joy and goofiness in her, while being her rock at the same time. They married a few years later, and I couldn’t imagine a happier, more vibrant couple! Their engagement session and wedding was just plain fun, and their story is so inspiring.

Fast forward a few years, and this sweet couple is now expecting their first baby! While English faced serious health challenges at such a young age, she and Will decided that when the time came to start a family, the safest thing for English and the baby would be to use a Surrogate Mother. Enter Jenna – the most amazing, kindhearted woman. With two kids of her own, she has agreed to carry Will and English’s little baby into this world. It was fascinating and beautiful to learn about this process, but my favorite part of this session was watching them interact with one another! Jenna, Will, and English talked about pregnancy and the excitement of expecting your first baby. Will and English cared for Jenna with such intention, making sure she had enough water and that she was comfortable. Jenna was very laid back, and her kids absolutely adore Will and English. I loved how each person involved in this little baby’s life was genuinely thankful. Thankful to be together, thankful for the opportunity to turn a health challenge into a miracle, thankful to have a part to play in bringing this life into the world. Baby boy Sall – you are already so loved!

I hope you enjoy this sweet session as much as I did!

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What a wonderful way to capture the unique relationship couples have with a surrogate mother! These were absolutely heart warming.

This made me cry and I don’t even know y’all. I was having such a bad day, mostly having a pity party because my health has been so poor and I’ve just been feeling ugly. And God used your beautiful story to give me hope and perspective and contentment. Blessings to all three of you (+ baby!) on your journey.

Nancy, these are so beautiful and it was such a special, fun day for us. Thank you for capturing it so well!.

Nancy, this is so sweet! Such lovely images to capture such an amazingly beautiful time of life. Congratulations to all!

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