It’s not everyday that I get a request to shoot a grown up Mother-Daughter session, but when Emily reached out to let me know she wanted to gift her sweet mom Teresa with a session, just the two of them, I thought… why in the world not?

The mother-daughter bond is truly something special, and I think it’s so cool that Emily and Teresa wanted some classic, timeless film photos to represent that. As someone who is super close with her own mom, I can definitely appreciate when I see a mom and daughter who very clearly have grown to be close friends even beyond that bond that exists naturally. It’s certainly not lost on me that not every daughter has that type of relationship with her mom – so it is worth celebrating!

Their session was a fun one, but more than anything, watching Emily and Teresa together really challenged me on something, and I’ll challenge you, too. I’m speaking here specifically about moms and daughters but this applies to everyone: don’t take for granted those close family relationships, y’all. Go out of your way to tell each other you’re thankful for that relationship. Make a point to get dressed up and take photos together. Plan a big trip together, or an annual weekend away. Be mentally present when you spend time together, not buried in your iPhone. This incredibly special bond between mother and daughter exists naturally, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop to be incredibly grateful, and do everything we can to celebrate it.

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab









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Oh Elizabeth! I can’t get over how beautiful these turned out. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us something to treasure for years to come!

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