Meet Emily and Bob, one of the kindest couples I know! From the moment that I first met sweet Emily, I knew that we would be the best match. She puts pictures at the utmost highest on her list of importance, and she has always loved capturing the precious moments in her life. I am truly honored to be capturing one of the most special weekends of their lives.

Emily is bubbly and outgoing, everything you would think an actress would be. Bob works in finance (quite the opposite job from Emily) and he is strong, loyal, and kind. For the most part, their relationship is long distance, as Bob works in California, and Emily travels wherever her next show takes her, and they are most excited about just being together once they are married. But the greatest thing that I have observed about this couple is their support and loyalty to each other. We laughed talking about Bob helping Emily read lines as she is practicing for her next show, and how Emily is constantly keeping Bob present as he juggles his his two cell phones.

I am so excited for your Spring wedding! Congratulations the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Bob Farmer!

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So excited for these pictures!! Love them and love the couple!!

These are so gorgeous! Love Emily & Bob!!

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