Sweet December, I swing my arms wide and fully embrace you.

You are the month I turn 30, the month of twinkle lights and hot drinks and fireplace snuggles, the month of board games and time off and what life is really about, the month of finishing strong and looking back and planning ahead, the month of baking and feasting and singing, the month of Christmas parties and date nights and reading books to Milly and New Years Eve anticipation and birthday fun…

Every year, you hold my favorite things and my favorite memories.

I have a feeling this year, you’re going to be extra special.

I’ll be 30 on New Year’s Eve, and goodness I am so excited. Not even a little bit sad about it! I love birthdays and milestones, and I’ve been so excited to embrace my 30’s. My 20’s were incredible, and full of hustle and growth and learning and doing. I have so many hopes for my 30’s. More of the same, yet… less. More doing, but I want my doing to translate into teaching, sharing, mentoring. A little less hustle, a little more time with my family. I never want to stop growing, learning, and reading. But I do want to slow down a bit.

More thoughts on my 30’s to come. For now, let’s focus on December! Because I’m not 30 yet!!

December Goals

Read the Compound Effect and finish the Nancy Ray Book Club for 2016!
Finish Reading The Secrets of Happy Families
Host a fun NRP Christmas Dinner / Goal setting night
Have a Strategic Planning Day with Will and Callie for NRP
Finish all Christmas Shopping by December 10th (Cyber Monday was a little ambitious – but I am close!)
Raise 30K for a charity (This freaks me out a little. Still praying on this a LOT.)
Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies with Milly
Host a Minki Christmas Dinner with a hot chocolate bar and photos

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Turning 30 is truly amazing! I have LOVED being in my 30’s (I’m 31 now). There is something about the turn of a new decade that is special and a great opportunity for thinking about life and purpose and legacy. I hope you have a happy December and love stepping into your thirties! Also, I thought I’d share this fun post I did on my blog celebrating 30! xo! http://www.wearetlk.com/tlkblog/2015/9/30/sprinkle-cake-and-turning-thirty?rq=30

Happy birthday! I am so excited for the Compound Effect — it’s on the way from Amazon! I love the idea of setting a goal for Christmas shopping … my first year of small business, and I feel like I’ve been saying “I’ll get there when I get there,” but you’re right. I’m Type A, and I’ll feel so good if it’s knocked out … so I can aim for rest over hustle! Good luck on your launch!

What is a Minki Christmas Party? Great interview on Moms Struggling Well Podcast. Really enjoyed it. ? Liz

LOVE the ambition on the 30k. It’s a lot, but you can do it! I am trying to get 500 love letters written to girls around the US. It was scary to share it, but, it’s amazing what accountability can do. Go get em, Nancy!!

Love how you set big goals, even when they are scary! Go, Nancy! :) And I couldn’t agree more about a little less hustle and a little more time with family. 30 is awesome!!!

Adding the Secrets of Happy Families to my list! And peanut butter chocolate chip cookies sound deeeeeelicious :)

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